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Helpful care tips

Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best

Area rug care & maintenance

Area rugs work in tandem with your existing floors, sitting atop as a stylish cover. They require just as much care as the flooring beneath, and need special attention during cleaning.

One important part of rug care is regularly turning your rugs. Rotating your rugs at least once a year, if not more often, will help to prevent uneven fading due to foot traffic and sun exposure. You may be unable to prevent colors from fading completely, but you can at least keep them fading at an even rate.

Cleaning area rugs

Non-washable rugs should be vacuumed often to stay in their best shape. Remove all furniture and lift surface dirt with your vacuum. Then flip the rug and vacuum the back and the flooring underneath before flipping once more and vacuuming the surface side again.

For rugs with a fringe, vacuum from the center out to avoid catching the strands.

Some rugs are labeled for dry cleaning only – note that not all dry cleaning services offer rug cleaning, so call ahead before rolling your rug up.

Rug spots & stains

The key to preventing stains from setting in permanently is to clean up as soon as a spill occurs. Quickly absorb the spill by blotting liquids with clean white cloth or paper towels. Do this until the area is barely even damp, then use a spoon to scoop up any remaining solids.

Do not scrub! Rigid tools like brush bristles can fray your rug and permanently change its texture. If you’re going to use a spot remover, be sure to check your rug’s label first and only use cleaning solutions formulated specifically for area rugs.