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Area Rugs from Kelly's Carpet Omaha

Area rugs are a simple, but powerful part of home design. They can be the focal point of a room or blend subtly into the background, bringing warmth, protection and style to any space. Kelly's Carpet Omaha is proud to carry a huge variety of colors, styles, and sizes to meet all of your design needs.

Area rugs 101

Are you looking to define a space? Accent a room? Cover a blemish on your floor? Area rugs can accomplish all that and more. Learn the basics and discover the many ways in which you can utilize area rugs in your home design!
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Area rugs installation

Determining the proper size for an area rug is just as important as finding the right color and pattern. The size and shape of your rug can help determine and define furniture groupings as well as areas of use, such as conversation areas.

Area rugs care & maintenance

Just like other flooring solutions, area rugs are an investment that require care and special attention. Learn the basics of rug cleaning and care before you buy!
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Featured area rugs

spice market
5 Sizes | Karastan
8 Sizes | Oriental Weavers
5 Sizes | Karastan
8 Sizes | Oriental Weavers

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