Waterproof flooring, an engineered vinyl, is a trend, being the hottest new thing on the market. Today's consumer, more than ever, is looking for a flooring solution that is not only beautiful but also long-lasting with a wide range of functional capabilities.  Waterproof floors have it all while adding the peace of mind factor with a technologically advanced core:  the WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite) that won’t peel or ripple ever. Visit us to find out why this is one of our favorite flooring alternatives when you’re considering waterproof flooring in Omaha.

Design trends

This version of luxury vinyl has an elegant, expensive wood look, cut into strips, and mounted on boards to imitate hardwood planks.  Available in a wide assortment of colors and textures, it follows all the trends. You can get light, whitewashed, or darkest dark wood tones, as well as wider planks, which are so popular in 2021. 

If you want stone or tile looks, choose the square, groutable tile-sized-piece form to mimic stone or tile. Explore the vibrant colors, including earth tones and metallics; brilliant patterns including graphics, chevrons, herringbones, and encaustics; and stone looks such as slate, terrazzo, limestone, quartz, marble, and granite.

WPC, SPC cores for greater protection

While luxury vinyl is already 100% waterproof, these two cores are technologically advanced with no limits on the amount of water or time it can be exposed.  You can be away from home, return to find a flood, wipe up the spill or flood, and the floor will be as good as new. The two cores have similar waterproof capabilities, but the difference is in the feeling underfoot.  WPC floors are considered hard surfaces, but they are warmer and more resilient underfoot, while SPC is firm and rigid.

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