At Kelly’s Carpet Omaha, one of our most in-demand flooring types is luxury vinyl. Be it in plank or tile form, it’s a surfacing alternative with a whole lot of excellent qualities to offer. Durable, scratch-resistant, and unbelievably stylish, it’s an affordable way to get the exotic installation you’ve always wanted but at a more budget-conscious price. What else do our Omaha, NE showroom experts love about these floors? Check out the following 5 reasons we think you should be getting luxury vinyl right now!

1. Exquisite surface designs

When it comes to LVP flooring or LVT floors, they both come in exquisite lookalike designs. These styles are so impressive you’ll have trouble distinguishing this installation from the genuine material. The unique looks are thanks to a realistic photo-quality image within its surface layer. So, you can essentially get whatever look you want, from marble to hardwood to limestone.

2. Durable materials

Though typically less costly to manufacture, don’t be mislead into thinking it’s a cheap imitation. Instead, luxury vinyl is tough and durable, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and busy households. Thick, strong planks and tiles were the preferred installation choice of the vast majority of commercial locations. But luckily, they’re now available for residential renovations.

3. High water resistance

Warping or expansion aren't issues that will affect these floors. Of course, vinyl is completely water-resistant, and as such, is a great selection for laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you're interested in a tile style, you can even get non-porous grout to create an authentic tile appearance.

4. Easy maintenance

There’s no need to spend countless hours cleaning your floors with luxury vinyl. They are incredibly easy to care for, only requiring regular sweeping and the occasional pass with a damp microfiber mop. As long as you use an approved cleaner, your floors can last for decades.

5. Cost-effective

In terms of costs, vinyl flooring offers you the means to get a high-quality installation at a cost-effective price. Again, don't be fooled into believing you're getting a substandard material – it's the total opposite. It all comes down to modern manufacturing methods and the latest in innovative materials.

Visit a trusted LVP flooring retailer

At our LVP and LVT flooring store, we offer a wide range of quality, stylish installations. Whether you’re looking for soft or hard surfacing, our showroom professionals will be more than happy to help you find the perfect floors for your home.