Grain patterns are one of the things that set some hardwood species apart. But are there options with little to no grain at all?

Yes, there are a few pieces that cater to this need. And finding out which ones will work for you could be your most important topic, so take time to find out about them.

Hardwood with very little graining

Maple, birch, boxwood, and mahogany are species known for tiny grain patterns. But for some of them, part of the tree that's cut can affect that outcome.

Flatsawn pecan or hickory hardwood shows little grain, but they might change colors over time. Some woods offer no grain with large logs, while smaller logs produce a medium grain.

Exciting options for lack of graining

Both holly and basswood reflect almost no graining at all. And cherry offers a highly tight grain that requires no staining at all.

Other tight-grained options include birch, maple, teak, and black walnut. Each of these options has its characteristics, and we can tell you more about them when you visit us.

You may hear these hardwood flooring options referred to as smooth or fine grain, and they both mean the same thing. If you have further questions, our associates are happy to answer them.

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