Laminate flooring is stylish, easy to care for, simple to install and affordable. Highly durable, it’s one of the most recommended products for large families with kids and pets.

Always highly moisture resistant, it hasn’t been recommended for wet spaces like below-grade areas since it wasn’t waterproof.

Until now. Several manufacturers have been scrambling to answer the industry’s call by creating proprietary- blend seals and resins, as well as making adjustments in construction.

The moisture challenge lies in the construction

Typically, laminate has a core made of high-density fiberboard and, while it’s strong, it is a kind of wood. And wood is damaged by excess water. There is also the matter of seam gaps. When water seams in, the floors will delaminate and swell.

As a retailer of this flooring, feel free to talk to us about the laminate options.

As with anything, spills should be wiped immediately. Be sure to let your flooring pro know if you are planning an installation in the bathroom, so the right product can be advised.

Why choose laminate?

●Style: You’ll have floors that look like wood, stone or tile. Photography these days is clear and accurate, so there’ll be all the knots, raised grains and swirls of the real thing. Embossing is deep and adds texturing to it, such a wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered or distressed. There are even various finishes.

It has such a high end look we’re seeing it in every room, not just the kitchen and bath, as well in some high-end homes.

●Affordability: You’ll save even more because it might look like the real thing, but you won't pay nearly that much because the flooring will be laminate.

●Durability: This is a layered product, with the top being a clear plastic wear sheet that protects the flooring. The wear sheet is coated with super-tough aluminum oxide so no worries about scratches and scuffs.
●Simple installation: Save even more, because it’s DIY-friendly. With a few exceptions, it goes over most existing flooring and the method is either click-and-lock or glue-down.

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