Many homeowners ask whether luxury vinyl flooring can be steam cleaned, and we do not recommend this method. In today's post, we're going to tell you more about why and what you can use instead for an outstanding clean that will serve you as long as your floors are in your home, so read along with us now.

Cleaning your luxury vinyl flooring is easier than you think

Steam cleaners utilize lots of excessive heat and pressure to clean specific surfaces, and these are not the best way to clean your luxury vinyl floors. The flooring is waterproof, but it isn't rated for these temperatures, which could damage your new vinyl.

Instead, we recommend that you choose any one of several commercial cleaners available specifically for use with these materials. For bigger messes or stains, they do an excellent job of bringing you back to a clean, shiny surface that serves you well.

You will likely find that a broom and damp mop will suffice for most regular cleaning. However, once you clear away loose debris, the damp mop does a beautiful job of bringing your luxury vinyl flooring back to the appearance you fell in love with from the start, and we can tell you, even more when you visit us today.

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