Homeowners often have questions about the new flooring process, but for those who select wood flooring, one of those questions concerns the necessity of an underlayment. Do you need underlayment for hardwood flooring?

The most straightforward answer to the question is usually. And if you'll read along, we'll explain a bit more about that.

Hardwood flooring underlayment facts

A quality underlayment creates an excellent moisture barrier, which protects you from any damage that moisture can cause. If you have plywood in place already as a subfloor material, and it's in good shape, you likely already have that, but it's still an option, even then.

You'll also get subfloor protection when you put an underlayment in place. Imperfections in the subfloor can be a common occurrence, and an underlayment helps create the even surface that your home needs.
Even with hard surface flooring, it's a great way to add a more comfortable step that's also warmer to the touch. It's a softer material that your flooring, which adds comfort, and it insulates simultaneously, protecting against the chilly weather out of doors.

We can't forget that it also adds outstanding noise reduction, perfect when pets and children are in the home. The regular daily ambiance, devices, and footfalls are absorbed to create more peace, especially between floors.

Underlayment even works for engineered wood flooring and offers more stabilization for the floating floor installation method. You'll still get all the benefits mentioned above, but you won't have to worry about the clicking that often occurs with shoe heels when walking over a floating floor installation.

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