Yes, you should have waterproof flooring for peace of mind. Just because you haven’t had an indoor flood or burst pipe yet doesn’t mean you’ll never have one.

Sometimes they can even seem to come out of nowhere.

That happened to me. I had three floods in four months.

First, a slow-running sink drain upstairs eventually became a leak downstairs. Plumbing systems have a series of joints and connectors throughout a house. A problem in one area can affect others, and that episode resulted in me replacing the carpet.

Two weeks after the new carpet came in there was a severe rainstorm with high winds that came from just the right angle. The storm was so violent, it knocked down trees and crumbled chimney flashing.

My chimney which was, you guessed it, right over the room with the new carpet.

This time, instead of replacing the carpet with new carpet, I went for waterproof WPC flooring.

Then there was a burst pipe in the kitchen, caused by the dishwasher. I already had waterproof flooring and ended up with moisture pockets in the wall that resulted in peeling and flaking. More money to paint that area!

What is it?

This is luxury vinyl with an advanced core, WPC (wood plastic composite.) The WPC core offers the highest level of water and moisture build-up protection.

The WPC core also makes the vinyl, which is strong already, even thicker and more durable.
What is luxury vinyl?
It’s a remarkably realistic mimic of wood, tile or stone that, thanks to modern technology, provides clear and accurate images and special features like embossing. It also comes in many colors, patterns, and designs and is available in a matte or gloss finish.

It is available either in sheet, tile-sized pieces or planks.

This product’s original core is a vinyl composite. However, you can also get more advanced ones such as WPC or SPC (stone plastic composite). SPC is so tough it was once used mainly in commercial applications, but as more and more design options became available, it’s used in residential.

Benefits of this flooring include:

●Uber waterproof!
●Durable: Any version of luxury vinyl is layered, with a top clear plastic wear sheet that protects the floor from scratches and spills.
●Easy care: Just sweep and mop.
●Simple installation: With a few exceptions, it can be placed over most existing floors. The pieces click together, or if you still prefer sheet, glue-down.

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