Carpet is not only beautiful, but it’s also hard-working. It reduces noise and prevents hard falls and can even keep you warm because of its thermal inertia which gives the ability to retain heat.

We know kids run and jump. They can be loud, messy and, let’s be honest, a little clumsy. Of course, you want to keep them safe and warm.

Let’s get right to it. This is why it’s the right choice if you have a large family (or pets or any need for extra durability.)

Style galore

When you walk into any flooring store, you’ll be overwhelmed by the large assortment of SmartStrand colors and styles. They even have one line made of silk, and softness is one of the top priorities of consumers when shopping for carpet.

SmartStrand floors are also:

●Highly durable. This rug is made from DuPont Sorona/Triexta. DuPont, as you probably know, is the company that invented nylon, the superman of strength. In one of its tests, it lined the cage of a 5400-pound rhino. That's a greater weight than a For F250 truck, but there was no damage.
●Resistant to stains and spills. The rug spent two weeks lined in a 5400-pound rhino cage. You can only imagine the mess; incidentally, that weight equals that of 135 four-year-olds or 337 pugs, but all it took was a warm-water hose-down to bring it back to its original state. That wasn’t enough for Mohawk, though--there was another test, this time at a kids’ party where ketchup, mustard, Kool-Aid, chocolate cake and more were spilled--not to mention the red wine from the adults.

It’s also important to note that this one has the stain protectant built right into the fiber, so it’s permanent and won’t wash or wear off.

As a flooring retailer for SmartStrand, we’ll be happy to tell you more.

The healthy choice

Whether it’s a kid or anyone who has allergies, indoor air quality is a big concern.

Over 35 percent of the fiber content includes corn glucose, not petroleum-based products, which means fewer chemicals. It uses 30 percent less energy with over 60 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions in its manufacturing.

For more information about SmartStrand, and to learn about our free estimate, come into the Kelly’s Carpet of Omaha showroom in Omaha, NE.