You'll make lots of choices as you shop for your hardwood flooring. Grade, format, finish, and installation layouts all play a part in the perfect flooring.

But color is essential, too, especially if you have the existing decor in place. Light and dark colors can offer different benefits, and it's worth it to find out more about it.

Light hardwood flooring benefits

When you choose light-colored wood flooring, you'll find they are easy to clean. In addition, the light wood helps to hide scuffs and debris while accenting your decor.

But the color scheme also enlarges the look of your space. As a result, rooms feel larger, especially in areas of natural light.

Light floors are also trendy and help create schemes with a beachy appeal. Be sure to ask about whitewashed flooring if you're interested in the light look.

Benefits of dark wood floors

One of the most impressive things about dark wood floors is that they absorb sunlight. This makes them much less likely to fade as some flooring does.

The rich, dark hues create an elegant, high-end appearance that's perfect for any decor. At the same time, they bring the walls in to make a space feel cozier, especially in the absence of natural light.

To see either of these looks in person, be sure to visit our showroom. We'll work to meet all your hardwood flooring needs, including those based on color.

We have the wood flooring you need

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