Looking for a new addition to your home but not sure what to choose? Luxury vinyl flooring not only mimics the style of hardwood planks but also provides a replica of it that endures the test of time too. At what’s typically a fraction of the cost of many other materials, luxury vinyl is sure to impress with its various qualities. Curious to know more about this flooring? Let’s get to know this style of installation a bit better by going over the basics.

Making stylish planks for your home

Vinyl, of course, is a major component of this flooring option. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride resins (PVC) is melted down to create planks of various widths and lengths. Combined with several other materials, like fungicides and stabilizers, these planks are then turned into something truly resilient and durable.

Additionally, it’s essential to clarify the materials are pressed into many layers to make a truly tough construction. A waterproof backing layer is affixed to a core layer, assuring a water-resistant layer that prevents seeping into the subfloor. Thus, mildew and mold are also prevented from growing. Flexible, durable, and strong, these two sections of the plank make up the bulk of the structure.

A high-resolution image is now affixed to the core, be it of stone, marble, or pretty much any other design. It is this layer that creates any look you want for your home.

Lastly, the final layer is the wear layer, which is a transparent coating that still allows you to see right through to the design layer. The great thing is this later is also scratch-resistant, protecting the planks from fading and damage, as well as making it easier to clean and maintain.

Luxury vinyl flooring retailer

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