Luxury vinyl tile flooring offers fantastic options in appearance, functionality, durability, and lifespan, thanks to a variety of factors. It’s easy to add this material to any room, on any level of your home. But once it’s installed, what’s the best way to keep these floors looking their best?

How to clean your luxury vinyl tile is a question we're asked quite often. So much, that we decided to answer it here, in hopes of spreading this valuable information. While we deal primarily with materials and services, we offer exceptional information for homeowners as well.

Understanding your LVT

One of the best ways to clean your LVT is by first understanding it. It’s created in layers including a backing, core, image, and top wear layer, which offers a full package of benefits, from aesthetics to functionality. They can offer 100% protection against water damage as well as a completely waterproof floor covering.

It’s essential to remember that you should always choose cleaning solvents that have a low pH level. Adding about one ounce of dish soap to one full gallon of water creates an excellent cleaner for your floors, but we can also suggest other solutions if you prefer.

Make sure to clean up all standing water from these floors. If you have a waterproof brand, this won’t be an issue, but “better safe than sorry” always rings true when dealing with your valuable flooring. After mopping and rinsing, a significant final step is to dry your floors with a dry mop or towel thoroughly.

There’s no need to use waxes or varnish on these floors, as they have a gorgeous shine that lasts a long while, especially when the proper cleaning methods are used. If you have any questions about wax, we’ll be happy to discuss the topic in more detail.

A luxury vinyl tile flooring retailer just for you

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