White hardwood floors are those natural materials that are light in color and accept stain very well. They may not be white, as we know white to be as a color, but they are light and provide a crisp, airy ambiance to your spaces.

Finding out which wood flooring species best fits this description can help you quickly cut down your shopping type by limiting the woods you take into consideration. Let’s find out more about them now.

Check out these naturally white wood options

One of the most popular species in this category, as you might expect, is white oak. While red oak is often lighter, it also has pink undertones that can compromise your choice of stain color.

White oak offers a modern persona with mineral streaks that can add excellent clarity for a genuinely traditional appearance. Its beautiful golden color creates an ideal backdrop for any of a variety of interior designs.

Maple is another excellent option, with smooth grains for a chic base to any décor. You can play up your décor with this flooring in place, thanks to its variance.

No matter which wood option you choose, it’s important to remember that only engineered wood makes a good candidate for below-grade installation. This material holds up very well under damp, humid, moist conditions where temperatures can quickly change.

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