Laminate flooring isn’t just an affordable floor covering, though that’s certainly one of its many benefits. It also provides great durability, stability, and functionality as well as some of the most beautiful appearance options available on the market today.

Many choose this floor covering for its wood-look features, right down to an amazing grain pattern and stain color replication. Others prefer the amazing appearance of stone, mimicked right down to the texture and finish options. To find what else is waiting for you in this floor covering, just keep reading!

Laminate flooring benefits you can live with

You’ll love how laminate floors speak to just about every flooring need you have. If you need a great look for specific rooms, you’ll easily find a color shade that’s perfect for your existing décor. Format variety also offers an appearance change that can makeover an entire space. What’s more, these are the appearances that will last through trend changes and remain current.

Waterproof laminate flooring is a fairly new addition to the product line but offers you much more peace of mind in rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. It's a great addition to every single room because you never know where an accident or a spill will happen.

Laminate is often referred to as an easy material for DIY installations. However, we suggest only a professional installation with these materials. We have all the necessary tools and experience, and our professional installation team is ready when you are. We work with honesty and integrity for a job well done, every time.

A great place for your laminate floors

When you visit Kelly’s Carpet Omaha, you’ll find a laminate flooring retailer that specializes in the kind of flooring you want and need. We won't waste your time with frivolous options, but we’ll focus instead of your precise preferences and requirements.

We have a showroom located in Omaha, NE and we invite you to visit us there for all your flooring needs. Just stop by when it’s convenient and our associates will be more than happy to assist you.