Vinyl is water repelling flooring that can be placed throughout the home. This floor covering provides no-fuss spill and pet accident clean-up. It also offers peace of mind. Because it won't swell even when submerged in water, you don't need to worry about floor damage when the basement floods or the washer leaks. Family owned and operated Kelly's Carpet Omaha is a waterproof flooring retailer in Omaha, Nebraska, that offers luxury vinyl flooring. We also have a full line of area rugs and other floor coverings like hardwood, cork, laminate, and natural stone.


Luxury vinyl planks and tiles come in designs that imitate hardwood, ceramic, and natural stone. This multi-ply flooring has four layers. The backing layer provides stability. It also combines with the core layer to provide moisture protection. The transparent wear layer protects the design layer. A thick wear layer is ideal since it can lessen abrasion like scratching and denting. Some products are glued to the floor while others click and lock together to create a floating floor. Waterproof luxury vinyl brands like Mohawk’s Solid Tech Plus is designed for pet owners.

Adequate vs better

To separate adequate from better quality luxury vinyl flooring, compare the core, wear layer, the thickness of the flooring and the wear layer, and quality of the design layer. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles that have a vinyl, rigid, or wood plastic composite core are waterproof. The highest quality flooring is at least 1/4-inch thick, (6 mm) about twice the thickness of the average luxury vinyl plank. A 20 mil wear layer is desirable. You’ll be able to spot premium designs with deep embossing since the flooring will look very similar to the natural material it mimics. Inferior products have these characteristics:

  • Substandard click and lock system
  • Flooring thickness of 2mm or less
  • Repetitive patterning
  • Inferior warranty
Kelly's Carpet Omaha serves the Omaha Metro and surrounding areas. Our services include free in-home measurement, countertops, floor repair, design consultation, furniture removal, and carpet disposal. You can shop our online catalog or use our online form to schedule an in-store appointment. Several financing options are available for your flooring project.