Yes, because that space is often the frequent recipient of spills.  It's also usually just off the kitchen and dining areas often have an entrance to the yard, deck, and pool.

People tend to think they’re fine if they don’t live in flood zones, but, as any flooring retailer explains, we create a lot of moisture and water build-up in our own homes.  That’s why everyone should have a waterproof floor.

Plumbing systems aren't just a straight line of pipes; some joints and connectors can affect every room in the house, so a leak in the kitchen might well affect the adjacent dining room.

Does your backyard grass ever feel wet?  Trees can wrap around drainage pipes and cause them to back up and/or overflow into the house; keep in mind also if you have a pool, people will be running into the house with wet feet and towels.

What is it?

This flooring is a newer version of luxury vinyl.  It has all the same style and features, but with an advanced core, WPC (wood plastic composite).  This core provides a higher level of waterproof and moisture protection.  It also makes the vinyl a little thicker and, as a result, more durable.

Because it’s so stylish, it can be used in any room of the house, not just the kitchen, bath or laundry area where we automatically think of water. You can see for yourself how fashionable the waterproof product is; go into any flooring store to see samples.

It is also:

  • Durable.  Although luxury vinyl is one of the most recommended floors for the kids' rooms, when it includes a WPC core, you also don’t need to worry about spilled Kool-Aid and other liquids because the floor is so waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.  A broom and mop are all you need. Stains wipe up easily.
  • Simple installation: In most cases, it can be placed over existing flooring.  The pieces just click together.
  • Comfortable.  Vinyl, itself, is fairly flexible and it never gets cold. That’s great for people who have to stand on it for long periods, such as when in the kitchen to prepare a big meal.

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