Durability, stain and soil resistance, as well as traction, are the biggest concerns of the pet owner. 

After that comes softness and warmth; pets spend much of their day lying around and napping. Especially if you have a senior or arthritic pet, he or she will appreciate the extra comfort.

SmartStrand carpet
answers all needs, as you’ll see when you visit our flooring store.

Triexta: relatively new fiber with an impressive lineage and tested to the Max

You might also see under the brand name Sorona®. It’s renewable, sustainable, and made from plant-based material; in fact, SmartStrand is often referred to as the “corn carpet." 

This has the permanent soil resistance built into the fiber with a proprietary technology called Nanoloc™. In many other instances, stain protectants must be reapplied, especially after two or three cleanings, but not here. 

Further, this carpet collection contains no dye lots; when spills seep into fibers and get absorbed into dye lots, creating stains. Since there’s no absorption, pet-related odors don’t set, either.

When it comes to durability, the SmartStrand Collection has 30% more fibers than ordinary nylon, the well-known “king of strength.”

Triexta is developed by DuPont, the same people who introduced us to nylon.

Ask your retailer to tell you more about SmartStrand flooring, you’ll want to know more about the way carpet manufacturer, Mohawk tested it first by lining it in the cage of Max, a 5400-pound rhino cage for two weeks!

Color is also a big factor  

Selecting the right hue is difficult at any time, but it’s especially so for the pet owner who also has to think about fur color and how it will look against a color.

SmartStrand has 60 colors from which to choose, so there can be something for everyone.

What, exactly, is traction?

Traction means grip.  You hear that word most frequently, associated with cars and trucks.  Sometimes flooring can be slippery, so when pets or kids run, they’re unable to slow down when turning a corner.

That results in injury.

Any carpet has excellent traction, but many avoided it for fear of durability or spills issues, but now that concern is gone.

For more information, visit the Kelly’s Carpet Omaha showroom in Omaha, NE. Be sure to ask about our estimates!