So, we often get asked the question, “Is luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?” What is the answer? Well, were Reuben sandwiches invented in Omaha? Did a WWII Japanese balloon bomb drop in the middle of our city? Is Bob 3,000 feet long? Yes, the answer is yes!


Let’s clarify for a minute what waterproof means. First of all, it means that water will not damage or break down the material in question. Second, it means that water will not penetrate or soak through the material in question. In other words, it will protect what is underneath.

When it comes to the definition of waterproof, luxury vinyl floors make the grade. Moisture does not harm them. They will not warp, swell, lose their seal, break down, fade, or discolor due to water. You can spill water on them or you can soak them in the deep end in the pool at the CHI Health Center, it will make no difference. Dry these floors off and they are as good as new.

Further, when installed in your home, you will not need to have any worries or concerns that water will seep through your floor and onto the subfloor below it. Were water to seep down into the subfloor, it could cause unseen damage to your home. None of us want to take that risk, so waterproof floors it is.

Better than waterproof

Look, we are homeowners, too. If waterproof was the only thing we were interested in, we’d just take a pool liner and lay it across all of our floors. But who wants a pool liner as flooring? Luxury vinyl flooring is beautiful to behold. Some planks are designed to look like a wide variety of hardwood floors and some tiles are designed to look like ceramic, porcelain, brick, or stone. They also have durable wear layers that are designed to keep your floors as good looking as they are waterproof. Why settle for anything less?

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