Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent waterproof choice, with beautiful visuals, exceptional durability, and a useful lifespan. But you might wonder how best to care for these floors, and that’s what we’d like to tell you about now.

Vinyl floors are easy-maintenance waterproof

When you have waterproof vinyl flooring in place, there are some effortless ways to care for the materials to keep them looking their best. Right after installation, you should use a dust mop or vacuum to remove any leftover dust or debris, followed by damp mopping with water or recommended cleaner.

Protecting these floors from furniture legs is an important way to prevent scratching, scuffing, or tearing. Use felt pads on the feet, mats beneath large appliances and office chairs, and area rugs, mats, or runners in entrance areas to collect dirt and debris.

The regular regiment of sweeping and mopping should be carried out every day, especially if you’d had numerous guests or if you have children or pets. Be sure to disengage beater bars on vacuums and do not use electric brooms without the proper padding to avoid scratching.

If your pet has an accident, it should be cleaned up immediately, as animal urine's chemical makeup can have a dulling effect on the finish. Be sure to refrain from detergents, petroleum-based products, and steam cleaners to ensure your floors look their best for years to come.

Let us be your waterproof flooring source

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