You’ve probably heard about prefinished hardwood floors. But you may still have questions about them anyway.

Today, we’re going to give you some facts about these floors you might not already know. Follow along for information you’ll appreciate.

Strength and durability with hardwood flooring

When sealants and finishes are added to solid wood at the factory, they are more robust. They feature more layers, a harder surface, and more durable benefits, including: 

  • Easier cleaningand maintenance

  • More stain andmoisture resistance

  • Fewer streaks

  • Longer lifespan

More about lifespan

If installers finish your hardwood floors on-site, you can expect warranties that last three to five years. With a prefinished choice, warranties range from five to twenty-five years.

The applied finish is often aluminum oxide crystals with a urethane coat cured with UV light. The result is superior protection that can still be refinished more than once.

Reduced installation time

Choosing prefinished materials cuts down on your installation time. You never have to wait for sealants and finishes to dry.

The only thing your installation team must do is precisely measure, cut, and install each piece. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to walk on your new wood flooring right away.

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