They are just initials. Or acronyms, for luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl plank flooring. You’ll often hear a retailer just refer to them as LVT or LVP Flooring.

Many wonder what the difference is between luxury vinyl (LVF) and just plain vinyl. LVF is thicker and, depending on the core, there can be various levels of waterproof and moisture protection.


Walk into a flooring store and ask about LVT, you’ll see an amazingly realistic mimic of tile. It's waterproof and very budget-friendly.

Modern technology, such as digital photography, makes the images clear. Colors and patterns are vibrant and pop. Embossing gives it added depth and dimension.

It can also be cut into tile-sized pieces and can be used to create the look of stone.


Ask a flooring retailer about LVP and he or she will explain that this is the realistic mimic of wood. Each plank is made by first cutting vinyl into strips; there’s a wide assortment of images with various species and colors. The strips are then mounted on boards. They look like wood and have the same embossing features as LVT. The product is available in a matte or gloss finish. Use a gloss finish on your LVP and your flooring will look like it came out of the design pages.

The waterproof factor is a big reason why you’d choose this flooring. Many want wood in their bathrooms, basements or other high moisture areas. Wood can be damaged by water, however, so it’s not advised for installation in those areas. Since LVP is waterproof, it can go where wood cannot.

LVP Flooring can also be used to create a stone look.

Other reasons to choose either one

●Affordability. You’ll have the look of wood, stone or tile, but at a more budget-friendly price.
●Easy care: Who wants to spend their time scrubbing floors? With these options, all you need is a broom or mop.
●Style: Both are so fashionable; we’re seeing them in every room in the house. We’re also seeing them in some high-end homes.
●Durability. Both are highly recommended floorings if you have kids or pets.

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