If you’re like many homeowners today, many of the acronyms you come across can be confusing, to say the very least. Today, we’re going to tell you a little about luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP).

The differences are subtle but might be different enough to make one better for you than the other. Since details are so important to great floor covering, we think you should know.

LVT and LVP can change your entire home

When you’re shopping for the very best flooring, LVT floors could provide exactly what you’re looking for, especially if what you’re looking for is beautiful, durable flooring that resembles all-natural stone or tile. These materials offer the perfect appearance and texture, adding layers of character to your décor.

In LVP flooring, you’ll find a wood-look product that also meets a variety of décor requirements while never taking anything away from its amazing performance. Perfect for a variety of spaces, it’s certainly worth an extra look. You’ll love the variety of plank sizes and formats, making any room the perfect setting for this product.

Both materials offer superb durability, thanks to a layered construction and protective wear layer. They also offer 100% waterproof features for complete protection from water damage. In basements, laundry rooms, children’s rooms and more, you’ll appreciate how these materials perform, for up to 25 years, with proper professional installation and regular maintenance.

When you visit our LVT flooring store, you’ll find associates dedicated to your utmost satisfaction from our extensive line of products and our unbeatable services. We’re always ready to match you with the perfect flooring.

Choose our showroom for your LVT and LVP

When you’re in the Omaha, NE area, feel free to stop by our LVP flooring retailer and find out exactly what Kelly’s Carpet Omaha has to offer you. The truth is, your flooring project is specific to you and you alone, and we can take your requirements and preferences and turn them into the floors of your dreams. Come speak with us today!