Most flooring is made of a water-resistant material. In general, flooring materials differ in the degree to which they repel water. Even traditional hardwood flooring, which is installed in the home, is well sealed and somewhat tolerant of water. So hardwood is at one end of the spectrum while vinyl and porcelain are at the other end. The flooring specialists at Kelly's Carpet Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska, can help you find the floor covering that is best for your home.  We have a large variety of all types of water-resistant and waterproof flooring.

Natural materials

It’s always a good idea to consider porcelain tile when planning a flooring upgrade. This material, a type of ceramic, is the most durable tile on the market. It’s virtually impervious to water. Glazed ceramic tiles also tolerate water well. While ceramic tile generally comes in solid colors, porcelain tile is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Some brands of porcelain mimic stone and wood. Like clay-based ceramics, natural stone also repels water. Harder stones like granite and marble are more resistant than a soft stone-like sandstone. 

Man-made materials

Vinyl and laminate tiles look like ceramic and natural stone and sometimes wood. Vinyl and laminate planks have a wood look. Vinyl is a completely synthetic and waterproof material while laminate, made of wood chips, comes in standard and waterproof brands. Luxury vinyl flooring that has a wood plastic composite or stone plastic composite core will not swell, peel or ripple even if wet for an extended time. Thus, waterproof floors do not experience a structural change that causes buckling or warping or a shorter lifespan. Waterproof laminate, on the other hand, can be damaged if wet for too long, typically more than one day.

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