Your hardwood flooring color matters a great deal, especially when you need or want to match a particular interior design scheme. Some floor colors are more popular or preferred than others, and we will discuss your options right now.

Hardwood floors have great visual appeal

Thanks to extensive options in both natural species color and stain selection, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your floor color needs, regardless of your décor. If you're looking for ideas because you don't yet know what colors you want, we're here to help with that as well.

As it has been for about the past decade, gray hardwood flooring has been exponentially popular, and the trend looks to continue in the years to come as well. Gray is a great choice that blends well with nearly any interior design or décor scheme, so it lasts even when you choose new décor or trends change.

European white oak is another excellent choice that blends modern and organic for warmer spaces, while charcoal and ebony are stunning choices for a darker, richer appearance that also creates a great blend. Yellows and light browns are perfect for a mid-hue that gives you a little of both ends of the spectrum, which a distressed finish or herringbone installation can accent.

Find the hardwood flooring you’ll love

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