Carpet padding could be one of the most critical aspects of your carpeting experience, even though you can’t see it once it’s in place. To understand this part of your installation a little better, follow the facts we would like to give you in today's post. 

Your floor covering should suit your needs

For the best floor covering experience, carpet padding must be installed before the flooring. But what does carpet padding do?

• It provides the comfort you expect from your flooring. As an extra layer of insulating softness, even the plushest carpets will feel softer underfoot. 

• You will get a longer lifespan. Without proper padding, you might find your floors bunch, ripple, or even begin to wear prematurely, all of which can be stopped with padding underneath. 

• Active, bustling homes will find that carpet combined with the perfect padding helps to alleviate unwanted noise. These materials soak up the sound of footfall, voices, electronic devices, and so much more, leaving you with a beautifully peaceful space. 

If you're still not convinced padding is for you, be sure to visit our showroom to speak with a flooring professional. We can give you all the details and ease your mind about the process as well. 

Find your best floor covering today

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