When you shop for waterproof floors, you'll hear terms you might not hear in other flooring lines. Why? Because these products contain a core material that you might never have heard of before.

But it's the core component that offers so much protection when you choose these floors. And it's worth your time to find out more about it.

Why a flooring core?

Many floor coverings feature core content made of fiberboard or pressed wood. For example, the "core" is wood or stone plastic composite in luxury vinyl flooring.

These materials are entirely impervious to water, protecting your waterproof materials from water damage. But it also inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and foul odors.

Wood and stone plastic composite

These materials include wood by-products such as wood flour and pulp. But these feature a bonding that ensures complete protection.

Stone composite materials include limestone and plasticizers that give waterproof floors extra rigidity. These products will serve you well with a more stable surface and extra stability over time.

Easy installation and care

The more solid the flooring and core, the easier the installation can be. This is especially true of solid or rigid core materials with floating installation.

Once in place, these materials are easy to care for and offer 100% waterproof protection. If you have questions about any of these services, we have the answers you need.

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