Hardwood flooring has always been one of the most appealing flooring choices for homeowners, and that's not a trend that appears to be slacking off anytime soon. But we know that sometimes wear, and damage can make it seems as if the only thing left to do is replace your flooring with new.

Are these floors worth saving? And how do you know?

Hardwood considerations for every need

Excessive wear can make wood floors look bad, and you might wonder if they're worth saving. The truth is, depending on the thickness of your flooring and whether they've been previously restored or refinished, you might have more life left in these floors than you think.

Refinishing wood flooring is a service that strips away decades of wear and abuse, allowing you to add a new stain color, sealant, and finish type, for results that look just like brand new flooring. That's why it's always best to check with a flooring expert experienced in wood flooring to help decide if your floors are worth saving.

When you contact us, we’ll make sure to get to the bottom of your flooring need. Whether you need brand new flooring or a refinishing service, we’ll work with you from start to finish for outstanding results.

We offer excellent wood flooring and services

At Kelly's Carpet Omaha, we offer excellent wood floors in Omaha, NE, and all the services necessary for a beautiful experience for any room. We can also help you figure out precisely what type of service you need to serve your flooring interests best, so be sure to talk with an associate about your concerns.

From our Omaha, NE showroom location, we proudly serve residents from Omaha, Elkhorn, Papillion, Ralston, Bennington, and Bellevue, NE. We invite you to visit any time to find the best options for your floors. When you need hardwood or services that help make your floors everything they can be, see us.