Understanding how to install your hardwood floors is not a significant concern for homeowners since these materials require a professional installation. But it can be helpful to understand the process to choose better the perfect materials based on the information you acquire, so read along with today’s post to find out more.

Did you know it makes a difference which way hardwood is laid?

Most wood floors are laid parallel to whichever wall is the longest because they provide aesthetically pleasing results and often allow the sunlight to catch the flooring just right as it comes in the windows—these work best for planks that are both regular size and wide width.

But there are other options for hardwood installation, including the traditional herringbone arrangement, which creates a zig-zag look that is classic and timeless. It's a great choice if you prefer a look that is slightly different from the classical look.

You can also install these boards diagonally for an exciting concept in many rooms. It's a perfect choice for small or oddly shaped rooms, as it makes the area feel longer and more open, so be sure to visit our showroom to learn about all the different installation directions that will work in your home.

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