If this is your first experience with luxury vinyl, you might be asking yourself, why should I consider luxury vinyl flooring?
The truth is there are many reasons to choose this floor covering for your home. No matter which spaces need flooring, it’s still a great choice.

These floors offer plenty of benefits that will serve you well for an average of 20 years. Kelly’s Carpet Omaha would like to take a moment to tell you more about these amazing materials and what they can do for you.

Reasons you should consider luxury vinyl flooring

One of the first things you’ll notice about these floors is the gorgeous appearance options available to you. You can choose products that look just like solid hardwood flooring or a variety of all-natural stone for a perfect décor match in every space. Even the colorations and textures are very realistic.

Durability is another feature these floors are known for, especially in busy, active households. With a stable, layered construction and a top wear layer, they’ll serve you well for most of their lifespan. They resist scratches, stains, and dents to leave you with a floor that looks like new for years.

For spaces like basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, make sure you find out more about the waterproof option. This removes the possibility of water damage in these damp areas, so you never have to worry about prematurely replacing these floors. It’s also a perfect option for homes with pets or children.

This material offers a quick and easy installation that will leave you walking on your new floors as soon as your installation team is finished with the job. It also means a warranty backs the job, and you’ll always have someone to turn to if you need future flooring assistance.

Where you should consider buying your luxury vinyl

If you’re in the Omaha, NE area, visit Kelly’s Carpet Omaha, and our showroom there. We not only offer all the materials to make your floor shopping a success, but we can help with your luxury vinyl considerations as well.