There are many ways to get the exact look you want and need from your waterproof flooring. The visuals here are as diverse as you need them to be, with something for every decor scheme.

Once you search the many available looks, you'll see how easy they are to customize. And here are some facts that can help you get started.

Consider these appearance options

This flooring line's most sought-after visuals mimic wood, stone, and tile. And each of them comes with a wide variety of colors, textures, and formats for added character.

But you'll also find plenty of artistic looks that mimic natural wood, stone, and tile trends in waterproof flooring. For example, consider Moroccan tile or marble stone looks.

Customizing the looks you like most

Customizations can come through specific color, texture, and format combinations. But you can also choose different-sized materials and various installation layouts.

Wide planks or large format tiles are one option. But so are layouts like herringbone, chevron, and staggered tile installations.

Creating the look you want for your home

Once you have access to all these versatile options, you can combine and customize them. The result will be waterproof flooring that meets your every decor-matching need.

Our associates know waterproof floors and have training and experience in every aspect of decor matching. And when you're ready to put yours together, we're here to help with it.

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