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Carpet installation


How to install carpet?


What to expect

Even if you have experience with do-it-yourself home improvement projects, carpet installation techniques are intensive and specialized.

Kelly's Carpet Omaha will coordinate your installation and provide you with the best-looking finished product in the shortest amount of time.

While you prepare for the arrival of your new carpet, read over our carpet installation guide to learn what to expect.

Before carpet installation

There are many benefits to choosing carpet. It provides comfortable cushion to sit and play. Carpet is forgiving of accidental falls, so it’s great for active families. Modern innovation has produced both wear- and stain- resistant carpeting that maintains its beauty for many years.

Carpet also provides insulation, keeping your home warm in cold weather and cool when it’s hot out. Soft and quiet underfoot, carpet also insulates your rooms from sound, making life at home more peaceful.

During carpet installation

On the morning of your installation, your installation crew will contact you between 7:00 and 9:30 a.m to provide an approximate arrival time.

If we discover any unforeseen issues while removing your existing floors, you'll be alerted immediately with an explanation of the issue and a potential remedy, including additional costs that may be necessary.

When your crew arrives, please have a member of the household (at least 18 years of age) review with them their work areas. Discuss any concealed supply lines or wiring to prevent damage. Electricity and running water must be present for professional installation.

If you'll be leaving during the installation process, please leave your contact information so we're able to reach you in the event of any issues.

If you have any pets, please leave them in a separate room or crate away from where the installation crew is working. The crew may have the door open to move supplies, and their tools can cause injury.

After carpet installation

Please note:
  • Carpet seams may be visible depending on the type and style of the carpet and the lighting in the room
  • Not all vacuums are compatible with your carpet style and fiber. Consult with your flooring specialist for a list of recommended machines.
  • Our installation crew will be very careful to avoid damaging walls and woodwork, but occasionally minor touch-ups are needed post-installation.
  • We do not trim doors. Sometimes, your new floor covering will raise the total height of your flooring, and you may need to have the bottoms of some doors trimmed.
  • Modern carpet fibers are softer than ever, and you may be able to see footprint patterns when you walk across a surface.
  • Every phase of installation produces some amount of dust.
  • You will be given an estimated time frame for your project, but please realize that it may take longer to ensure the best quality floors.