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Flooring help

Learn everything you need to know about flooring
Before you buy, Kelly’s Carpet Omaha has the resources you need to make the best-informed decision about what type and style floors are perfect for your project. Get the basics about each type of flooring, get inspired by the latest in design trends, learn how to care for and maintain your floors, what to do to prepare for installation and more!

Flooring basics

Your 101 course in all things flooring. Learn the advantages and best uses for each type of floor covering to decide which is right for you!

Trends & inspiration

Once you’ve chosen your flooring type, visit our inspiration galleries to find ideas for your design and discover your style preferences.

Care & maintenance

Once your new floors are installed, you’ll want to keep them clean and looking new. Our maintenance guides are the help you need.

Installation guides

If you’ve never had new floors installed, it’s hard to know what to expect. We’ll get you prepared before, during and after installation.

Carpet stain guide

The last thing you want on your beautiful new carpet is an unsightly stain. Luckily, we have an exclusive guide to remove stains of every type!