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Helpful care tips

The Ease of Cleaning Laminate

Laminate care & maintenance

Laminate flooring is an excellent investment for your home. Maintaining the “like new” look is easy if you regularly use our simple care tips!

One of the biggest threats to your laminate is dirt, crumbs and debris that, when left on the floor, could end up scratching the surface.

To avoid scratches, regularly sweep or vacuum with a hard floor attachment. Do this before mopping to pick up and larger particles which, when spread around by a mop, could still leave scratches.

For mopping, the ideal combination is a microfiber mop and a recommended* laminate-specific cleaning solution. Be sure to immediately wipe up areas that became wet from spills or tracked-in mud.

You can prevent damaging debris from even entering your home by placing a small mat or rug inside and outside of each entryway to your home. These rugs remove much of the dirt and moisture from shoes before it has a chance to get inside and scratch your floors.

Cleaning habits to avoid

Never use abrasive solutions or powders, steel wool or other potentially damaging cleaning products.

You should also avoid using a steam cleaner on your laminate floors, as the excessive moisture produced can end up doing more harm than good.

You don’t need to wax or polish your laminate floors. This will cause them to become slick and dangerous and damage the surface of your planks or tiles.

*Consult your manufacturer's recommendations to determine which specific cleaning products you should use on your laminate flooring in order to maintain your warranty and prevent the risk of damage.