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Versatile laminate

Learn the Basics Before You Shop

Laminate 101

Laminate is a synthetic flooring product designed to mimic the look and feel of natural materials such as wood, stone or tile.

The durability of laminate tiles and planks comes from the fusion of multiple layers of different materials. Each layer serves a purpose, from a water-resistant base to an impact-resistant core. A print film layer creates the natural look, and a final protective layer helps to prevent scratches and other damage.

Laminate benefits

There are so many benefits to laminate flooring beyond its durability and ability to resist moisture and impact damage.

For one, laminate products are easy to install in the home. Tiles or planks simply lock and click together, floating above the subfloor beneath. It’s for this reason that laminate can fit in any room over nearly any type of flooring, except for carpet. There is often no need for glue, nails or staples to hold it down.

Laminate flooring care is easy. It requires minimal resources to maintain. This makes it a great choice for families with active, busy lifestyles.

If you want the look of real wood or stone on a budget, laminate is a very affordable option. In addition to being easy on your wallet, laminate can also be easy on the environment, often made with recycled, sustainable materials rather than the harvesting of rare species of trees

Laminate styles & finishes

A wide variety of laminate designs are available that replicate the look of wood, stone and ceramic tile.

Further customize your laminate with different finishes. You may opt for an elegant, smooth finish that gives a softer look to the natural details of the print, or a textured finish that offers an authentic feel and a rustic look that add variation and unique character to your flooring.

Choose from various surface treatments, including distressed and hand-scraped, to add to the natural effect.