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LVT installation



Even if you have strong do-it-yourself home improvement experience, installing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can be an intensive project for one who's never done it before.

At Kelly's Carpet Omaha, we will coordinate and execute your LVT installation, leaving you with the best-looking quality floors.

While you wait for your new LVT to arrive, please read over this LVT installation guide. You'll learn what to expect and how to prepare.

Before LVT installation

One day before your scheduled installation date, you'll be contacted by our customer care department, confirming your scheduled date and time.

In advance of your team's arrival, please clear your floors and closets up to waist level. Take care to remove small items, valuables, collectibles, lamps and wall hangings.

We offer a furniture removal service, which includes most emptied furniture items. If you have unusually large or heavy furniture, please alert your flooring specialist before your scheduled installation date because, depending on the item, we may require an additional charge to move it.

Please remove all electronics, including televisions, audio equipment and computers, in order to prevent any accidental damage. Arrange for all speciality items, including, but not limited to, grandfather clocks, pool tables, large aquariums and pianos, to be moved by a separate company ahead of time. Such items are best handled by professionals with specific training in moving these items.

During LVT installation

Our installation crew will contact you on the morning of your installation between 7:00 and 9:30 a.m. to alert you of their approximate arrival time.

Any unforeseen issues we encounter while removing your existing floors will be brought to your attention immediately. Our crew will provide an explanation of the issue and any estimated additional costs that may be necessary to remedy the issue.

When your crew arrives, an adult member of your household (18 years of age or older) should greet our crew and review with them their work areas. The crew should be made aware of any hidden supply lines or wiring so they can avoid damage. The crew will also need access to electricity and running water.

Please leave your contact information with the crew so that they can get in touch with you if needed.

Finally, if you have any pets they should be left in a crate or a separate room away from the crew's work areas. This is to prevent escape through open doors or injury from our tools.

After LVT installation

Please note:
  • We will carefully avoid damaging walls and woodwork, but occasionally, minor post-installation touch-ups may be needed.
  • Sometimes, your new floor covering will raise the overall height of your flooring, resulting in the need to trim the bottoms of some doors. We do not trim doors, so you will need to do so post-installation.
  • If you have existing carpet that is stained excessively with pet odor or urine, our installation crew may not be able to remove it. You will have to have it removed separately prior to your installation date.
  • Every phase of laminate installation generates dust.
  • We will provide you with an estimated time frame for the completion of your project, but please know that it may take longer for us to ensure the best quality finished product.