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Mohawk hardwood flooring

Mohawk makes the room with natural hardwoods


Traditionally prized for its rich, natural beauty and long-lasting durability, hardwood flooring has long been a hallmark for style and performance in all areas of the home.

Mohawk hardwood floors make a striking visual statement while maintaining easy cleanup and strong resistance to damage. Our hardwoods stand up to accidents, messes, children and pets. Not to mention the huge variety of color, textures, wood species, and style options.

Mohawk engineered hardwood flooring

Made from the finest real hardwoods, Mohawk's cross-ply construction makes our engineered wood floors resistant to expansion and contraction typically caused by fluctuating humidity levels in your home. You can install them just about anywhere in your home, whether above, below or on grade.

Mohawk solid wood flooring

Each plank of Mohawk's natural solid wood flooring is a single piece of wood from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. Solid hardwoods are best installed either on or above grade.